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Undergraduate Education

  • Department of
    Korean Language Education
    Fostering Korean education experts who educate students to use Korean language accurately and effectively

    The purpose of the elementary Korean education department is to raise professional abilities and qualities of teachers who can improve students’ listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, and literature skills.

  • Department of
    Ethics Education
    Training teachers to have qualities that can help elementary students develop respectable character

    We nurture wise elementary ethics teachers who can teach elementary students to obtain respectable character, by developing insight into the essence of humans and the world, and learning about the theory and practice of elementary ethics education.
    The students are trained to become teachers who think creatively and use clear logic to explore moral wisdom.

  • Department of
    Social Studies Education
    Training experts of democratic civil education based on in-depth understanding of history, geography, and modern society

    Elementary social studies education aims at in-depth understanding of history, geography, and modern society. Students learn about the purpose, curriculum, teaching and learning, and evaluation of elementary social studies to become educational experts nurturing democratic citizens.
    The department offers field trips to different parts of the country every year, in order to help students gain awareness and understanding of our history and country and broaden their perspective. Also, education research clubs are organized for different sections to facilitate close communication and academic discussion between the professors and students.

  • Department of
    Mathematics Education
    Training teachers who understand the essence of mathematics

    The elementary mathematics education aims to provide prospective elementary school teachers with in-depth understanding of the contents taught in mathematics classes in elementary schools.Students have the opportunity to analyze and integrate mathematic contents from both mathematical and pedagogical approaches, and also understand children to provide effective elementary mathematics education.

  • Department of
    Science Education
    Creating a future generation of teachers to use creative scientific reasoning and new perspectives

    Students will gain broad understanding of the basic concepts, principles, and curriculum for elementary science education, and learn through field practice. Through research on basic and advanced contents in physics, chemistry, biology, and earth science, competent science teachers are fostered.

  • Department of
    Practical Arts Education
    Reinforcing the understanding of family, work, and environment, and practicing the meaning of work-oriented education

    The practical arts education department is designed to nurture competent and cultured teachers who fully understand the subject and can realize the contents. By understanding correlation among children, family life, and environment as well as the nature of various works necessary for home life, teachers can reinforce life skills and realize the meaning of work-oriented education.

  • Department of
    Physical Education
    Learning the practical skills and teaching of physical education related to intellectual and psychological areas

    This department aims to nurture teachers who have qualities required for teaching physical education, a subject which is largely related to the intellectual and psychological development. The students will learn about basic theory and practice of physical education, and develop qualities to become an elementary school physical education teacher.

  • Department of
    Music Education
    Fostering teachers who can discover and reinforce skills and talent in education field

    The purpose of this department is to research of theory and practice of music education in elementary schools, focusing on research of music education theory, practice, as well as theory and practice of Korean traditional music.

  • Department of
    Fine Arts Education
    Educating leaders to grow aesthetic values, creativity, and emotion

    Through research of teaching methods and materials in different areas of elementary school art education, students learn about teaching methods and improve theoretical knowledge and practice of elementary art education to become elementary school art teachers.

  • Department of
    English Education
    Fostering TEE teachers who can communicate with elementary school students

    In addition to reinforcing competence to effectively teach English in a creative way, students will improve their English skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing) and knowledge of English education to teach in elementary schools.

  • Department of
    Elementary Education
    Improving professional knowledge in pedagogy and qualities as an elementary school teacher

    Students will contemplate on issues related to elementary school education and examine theories and practices that can be directly applied to classrooms. In addition, students will contribute to improving school education through making efforts to communicate with the school as well as improving qualities as an elementary teacher.

  • Department of
    Computer Education
    Developing expertise for fostering student's talents to lead the information society

    Students will improve their knowledge of computer science and education, computer skills, multimedia teaching and learning, and the ability to create teaching materials, in order to help elementary school students to develop creative problem-solving skills and learn about information technology.